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Hand Sanitizer with Duo Ability

Hand Sanitizer with Duo Ability

Aunt Sarah’s Herbal Remedy Hand Sanitizer has a duo purpose. It is a fighter against the coronavirus by cleaning germs from the hands when soap and water is not available. Also, when applied on and around nose & ears it is effective in getting rid of a runny-stuffy nose and nasal congestion. When applied on the front of the neck it gets rid of a cloggy or congested throat.
For Hands: Pump the sprayer four times while holding the bottle near the palm of one hand, next rub hand sanitizer all over both hands in a cleaning motion until hands are clean.
For Runny-Stuffy Nose & Nasal Congestion: Tilt head to the side pump sprayer two times while near your ear, rub product on and around ear. Repeat steps for other ear. Next, pump sprayer three times while holding bottle facing the inside of your hand, near top of your fingers. Next rub fingers together then message product on and around your nose area.
For Cloggy or Congested Throat: Spray product on the entire front of  ther neck, then massage it into the neck.
Use as many times needed within the day.
For maximum excellent results follow the directions.
Ingredients: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, and natural ingredients
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