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Breath Easy

Breath Easy

Promotes better breathing and is an effective way to gain better breathing when struggling to breath after falling asleep due to having sleep apnea, having breathing issue due to having Asma, or having the flu or a cold. Contain Mint oil and other natural Ingredients.




Spray some of the liquid on the middle of the chest area. Also apply liquid to the back area. From the middle of the back to the upper back area. Also, put on the front of the neck and the waist (on the inside area of the waist). 1 oz and 4 oz Bottles.


*Use as needed


* Sleep Apnea customers put on the areas of the body mentioned above before going to bed at night.


Not to be used if allergic to the aroma of mint


* For maximum excellent results follow the directions


Ingredients: mint oil and other natural Ingredients

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