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Aunt Sarah's Herbal Remedy

Products Made With The Customer's Well Being In Mind

The owner learned about the healing abilities of herbs in her childhood from the elderly people she hung around and became fascinated with the healing ability of herbs. After becoming an adult, she bought books and read other sources to learned of the different herbs that exist and their healing abilities. During the owner's adult years she discovered some astounding matters consisting of ailments leaving the body from the use of herbs and other natural ingredients.  Aunt Sarah's Herbal Remedy derived from the owner putting together home remedies she created using herbs and other natural ingredients to get rid of the unwavering mucus she had in her throat and chest, constant runny nose, ear infection, persistent coughing, and body aches she experienced every year when she caught the Flu many years ago. Her home remedies got rid of all these ailments she experienced after she came down with the Flu and caused an end to her catching the Flu every year.  Further, her home remedies got rid of the aliments her nieces had when they spent the weekend with the owner during their childhood. Also, when the owner's friends and her other family came down with ailments she gave them her home remedies to take and her home remedies got ​

rid of their earache, mucus in their throat and chest, headache, content runny nose, nasal congestion, upset stomach, and removed the hoarseness from their voice when they  had the Flu. Now she had bottled these same effective ingredients of her home remedies to safely get rid of her customer's headache, runny nose, persistent cough, irritated throat, earache, nasal congestion, upset stomach, and mucus in their body. My herbal medicine products are providing customers with products comprised of safe and effective natural ingredients that clears mucus from the throat and chest, stop a persistent cough, stop a runny nose, remove an earache, quickly cause a headache to leave, gets rid of irritation in the throat and cloggy throat and remove germ from the hands (“Duo Purpose Hand Sanitizer”).​

Aunt Sarah’s Herbal Remedy products is made with our customers and their family well-being in mind. We believe in providing our customers with quality products. Just know when you see the name “Aunt Sarah's Herbal Remedy” you are in good hands.​


Our products are:

"Losing Voice With The Flu

Irritated Throat

Mucus In The Throat

Mucus In The Chest

Persistent Cough


"Stuffy Runny Nose &

Earache Attacker"


"Upset Stomach Attacker"

"Breath Easy"

"Hand Sanitizer With Duo Ability" 

"Headache Attacker"

"Powerful Words To Cause Good Health In The Mind Wall Pictures"



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